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Which Exchange to choose for IPO? Peculiar features of European and Asian stock exchanges. Success factors for the issuer

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The Institute for the Development of Financial Markets (Moscow) and FA Service (Kyiv) hosted “Which exchange to choose for an IPO? Peculiar features of European and Asian stock exchanges. Success factors for the issuer” in Kyiv on December 13, 2007.

The day-long conference was devoted to the most pressing IPO issues and new instruments for raising capital by Ukrainian companies on local and foreign markets.

During the event, experts of the world’s largest trading floors, international consulting firms, and leading legal advisors discussed key directions to guarantee success of future IPOs of Ukrainian companies. Presentations made by Andrey Blinov, science editor of the magazine “Expert Ukraine,” was of paramount importance for the representatives of Ukrainian companies. In his report Mr. Blinov gave analysis of the Ukrainian IPO market conditions, emphasized that IPO market in the Ukraine was gaining momentum and paid special attention to the influence of the market on the success of the issuers.

Participants had a chance to listen to the reports of the leading experts and representatives of the European and Asian stock exchanges. Vice-President of the Singapore Exchange Simon Lim, Head of Business Development (Russia/CIS) of NYSE-Euronext Aaron Goldstein, NASDAQ Managing Director Paulina McGroarty, Deutsche Borse Executive Director Dr. Martin Steinbach, LSE Head of UK Issuers and Corporate Advisers Nick Langford, and Warsaw Stock Exchange Deputy Director of CEE Markets Business Development Department Robert Kwiatkowski explained to the Ukrainian issuers all the possible ways of bringing Ukrainian companies to the international stock exchanges.

Participants familiarized themselves with the IPO rules and procedures for small-cap and mid-cap companies.

The second half of the event was devoted to the role of financial advisers during pre-IPO phase and during the IPO. Their participation helps to reach the strategic target – maximum increase of the cost of the company by the time of IPO. Foreign experts present at the event forecasted a significant boost of the Ukraine securities market in the years ahead. That is why both foreign and Ukrainian participants expressed interest in the latest trends of capital raising techniques and possibilities of performing IPO at several markets simultaneously.

Events like this provide opportunities not only for gaining new information and opinions, but also establishing direct contacts with international financial markets experts that are ready to share their experiences in financing companies at different stages of their development.

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Place: Kiev, 13.12.2007

Program Speakers  
9:00 – 10:00 Registration of participants



Issue related discussion

  • Growth of Ukrainian IPO market in 2007. What do the issuers expect from  stock exchanges in 2008? Prospects of the Ukrainian securities market regulation development. Representative of the regulator, Sergey A. Biriuk, member of the State Commission on Securities and securities market. (Confirmed).
  • Difficulties that the issuers have to overcome and typical mistakes they make. Characteristics of the issuer that is of big interest to the investors in the international stock exchanges. Characteristics of the investor. Andrey Blinov, Managing Director of the “Expert” Ukrainian Business Magazine, science editor, National IPO Committee member. (Confirmed).
10:30-10:40 Coffee Break
10:40-12:30 Presentations of Stock Exchanges
Capital Markets for Ukrainian MidCap Companies

  • Mobilization of capital for the Ukrainian Stock Exchange through IPO mechanisms. Anna Yatsiuk, Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange. (To be confirmed).
  • Benefits of Listing on NASDAQ and NASDAQ's Portal. Paulina McGroarty, Managing Director, NASDAQ (Confirmed).
  • Innovation and growing companies sector at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX). Gennady Margolit, MICEX Deputy General Manager. (Confirmed).
  • RTS Board, RTS START, IPO: systems, exchanges, and techniques of the RTS Stock Exchange for attracting capital by the issuers.  Alexey Fedorov, RTS Stock Exchange, head of the securities placement department.
  • Simon Lim, Singapore Exchange Limited, Vice-President. (Confirmed).
  • Presentation by LSE: "An overview of AIM and the Specialist Fund Market". Nick Langford, Senior manager, CIS, London Stock Exchange. (Confirmed).
  • IPO at the NYSE-Euronext. Aaron Goldstein, NYSE-Euronext, business development head (Russia/CIS), international listing. (Confirmed).
  • IPO at the Deutsche Borse. Rainer Riess, Deutsche Boerse, Managing Director Stock Market Business Development. (Confirmed).
  • Presentation by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Ludwik Sobolewski, President, Warsaw Stock Exchange. (Confirmed).


12:30-13:00 Press Conference
13:00-14:00 Business lunch for the forum participants
14.00-17.30 Practical aspects of preparations for IPO and IPO implementation for the Ukrainian MidCap companies

  • Legal aspects of IPO implementation, Philip Rogers, Clyde & Co LLP
  • "Practical aspects of listing in London", Neil Vickers, DentonWildeSapte...
  • The roles and interaction between the Issuer, the Banks, the Lawyers and the Auditors in the IPO process, Konstantin Kroll, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy.

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